Why I decided to become a leader

During one of my first stays in the US I read ‘The rise and fall of the Empires’ by historian Paul Kennedy. This was indeed a superb book. But what I learnt there was also what brought such empires up and down.

What historians have learnt behind the Napoleon story is also the talents of generals and scientists such as Dupleix, Davout, Kleber, Lannes, Lefebvre, Bessières, Champollion, Monge, Berthollet, Fourier and many other ones who have made it possible.

When seeing such a sum of talents and incredible people among the Empire leaders, I had no hesitation, I wanted to help this Empire grow, make it big and fun and build great achievements alltogether.

  1. GREAT LEADERS : I have realized along playing the Empire EK game how brilliant and thorough were many of my new friends, who have taught me so much. And they are both reactive, greatly supportive and have given me so far such excellent advices. Be they thanked again for their support, thoughts and friendship!
  2. WORKING TOGETHER : We can achieve so much more supporting each other than keeping it alone. We are alone or only a few out of 7.5 bn human beings on Earth and there is so much to be done.
  3. ACHIEVING TOGETHER : The energy of 2 is often 4 times that of a solo. Many will tell you there is no interest at all in becoming the richest out of a cemetary. What most humans enjoy is sharing great food, bottles and smiles together. Having fun and sharing some great times and a big laugh.
  4. SHARING FUN and PIES : Of course I can be ascetic and walk alone on water in the mountains for weeks. But sharing big cakes and Bordeaux or Champagne with my friends is so much more fun. Sharing makes new stars shine in your friends’ eyes. And such new stars in their eyes are unique and they keep up in the skies.
  5. BUILDING TOGETHER : Suppose you are good at bricks or electricity and your friends are good at plumbing, wooden carpentry, painting, decorating, colours, curtains or designing a garden. You only can do a small part of it. But in the end, with your friends, you will build a fabulous house together, for all of you ! And you’ll have great fun in your garden eating around with Loire, Alsace, Burgundy and Californian wines !
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Moineau rassasié – Sparrow in flowers

Moineau rassasié - Sparrow in flowers

Paris, île de verdure, FPV, EOS 500

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Face à face, facing the photographer

Face à face, facing the photographer

Paris, Palais Royal, FPV, EOS

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Moineau dégustateur, Paris sparrow eating

Moineau dégustateur, Paris sparrow eating

FPV, EOS, Paris

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Rose, perles de rosée

Rose, perles de rosée

EOS, FPV, Paris

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Rose, ombres & lumière

Rose, ombres & lumière

EOS 500, Francois P.VALLET, Paris

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Couple de moineaux, 2 sparrows

Couple de moineaux, 2 sparrows

EOS 500, Paris, Palais Royal

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